There is No Hourglass, Only Sand Nominated for BEST AAA SONG and BEST MUSIC VIDEO by the International Songwriting Competition



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Full Length Album

We are heading back to Acadia studios this weekend to lay down bass tracks for our first full length album. 10 to 12 brand new Builder of the House songs, plus a reboot of an old classic. No, not Freebird. Andrew Scherzer of Jaw Gems and Drew Wyman will split bass duties on various songs. Todd Hutchisen mans the board once again. The roots influence is still present, maybe even more so on a couple tracks, but elements of Paul Simon and Harry Belafonte have made their way in.

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There is No Hourglass, Only Sand - Music Video Credits

There is No Hourglass, Only Sand


Though it may look like film in some ways, this video was made by taking 596 still shots, which when played back at 3.17 frames per second matched the tempo of the song (not including time lapse scenes which have a much faster frame rate).

The band and production companies built a 12' x 24' wall made of wood, styrofoam, and canvas tarp.

All the props you see are made from paper and cardboard. Some are pinned to the wall while others were suspended by fishing line.


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A Plot in Falmouth - Music Video Credits

A Plot in Falmouth

Written by: Rob Cimitile
Directors: Rob Cimitile, Derek R. Brigham, and Will Porensky
Cinematographer: Mark Hensley
Executive Producer: The Maine Arts Commission
Rob Cimitile
Associate Producer: Anna Gravél
Edited by: Derek R. Brigham

Singer / Guitarist - Rob Cimitile
Drummer - Elliot Heeschen
Bassist - Jed Bresette
Baritone Saxophone - Justin Beth 
Fred Sharp - Rob Cimitile
Bertha C. Sharp - Anna Gravel
Alfred Tennyson Sharp (young) - Emmet Gannet
Alfred Tennyson Sharp (old) - Drew Wells
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The story behind A Plot in Falmouth

Our Indiegogo campaign is underway. We're raising funds to complete our new album and music video for our single A Plot in Falmouth. Click HERE to see what you'll get when you donate and keep reading to learn the story behind the song.  

Out of the three singles on our upcoming second EP, A Plot in Falmouth has the most vivid story to tell. After moving to Portland, ME from 'away', I discovered I had an ancestor that lived in the Portland area. All I had to go on was the name Fred Sharp and the address, 24…Read more

2nd Place in a Song Writing Competition

Our unreleased song Trespasser won 2nd place in the Maine Songwriter's Association Song Writers Competition! Thank you MSA! The song will be released with three other new tracks on our upcoming second EP. We'll keep you updated 

Trespasser - An Ode to Latino Immigration

 In 2007 I left my job in Burns Oregon and headed to Killeen Texas to start a new one. Rather than take the southwest route I had already driven, I decided to drive across the northern part of Mexico. Just me, my Dachshund, and all of my belongings for seven days....

...which included:
the best steak I’ve ever had
being screamed at by a complete stranger in Spanish
harassed by the cops
making friends with a dog who had his neck ripped open but seemed ok with it
seeing a woman throw a large rock at…Read more

Your votes = Our second album!

We are in the middle of a race to win studio time to record our second album. Your votes literally determine whether or not we can make this album!
Here is the link to the Facebook event

For joining this event we'll thank you by name in the album's digital liner notes, if we win! Oh yeah, the winer also gets to open for......wait for it......The Village People!

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Performing in Norwalk August 17 - Important show details

If you are confused by any of this send an email to and we will help.

Rob here from Builder of the House. I have imortant news to tell you. Not about the rabid seagull that two days in a row tore apart our bedroom window screens, eight of them. No not that. It's about an upcoming performance on August 17 in Norwalk, CT - my home town.

This performance is an important one. It's a battle of the bands-esc competition sponsored by The Norwalk Hour. The winner will perform on the…Read more

Where our band name comes from

We frequently get asked where our band name Builder of the House comes from. I am also frequently called Bob the Builder. No connection. The phrase 'builder of the house' is used in both Christianity and Buddhism. I was introduced to the phrase through the latter and found out afterwards about its Christian connection. Here is the story.

In October 2010 I left Philadelphia behind me and stopped over in CT for a visit with my parents before my move to Maine. But before the final move, I made arrangements to…Read more

Free signed CD for the following....

Thank you to everyone who has shown their support by following us, liking us, retweeting us, favoriting us. If Facebook had a 'Love' button, we would surley click it for you all. Short of that, we have some gifts to mail to the fans that went that extra mile and liked/followed/subscribed/somethinged us at those special moments. You are true champions.

A signed CD will be mailed to the following - provided we have a way of getting your mailing address - and let's keep this in the US

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